As some of you know, I dropped out of college temporarily for this semester due to some unexpected financial issues. I currently owe UT Austin $4,000 and until I pay this loan back in full, I cannot resume my university education.

The last few months have been marked by some intense soul-searching, prayer & meditation, and doing everything I can to find or create small miracles. I picked up a minimum wage job at a local thrift store & have divided my time between working & busting my ass to make it to every UT Spitshine Poetry Slam team practice and They Speak youth slam planning meeting or workshop/slam ‘cause poetry & prayer be the only things holding me together these days. I’m tryna return to UT Austin in the fall to complete my last three semesters. If I accomplish that, I will receive a B.A. in English and African & African Diaspora Studies, becoming the first person in my family to graduate college. This is huge for me; and if you know my mama, you know she been putting in work since day one so I would bring home a degree one day. 

Please donate what you can & spread this campaign like wildfire. Everything helps. It takes a village. 

Thank you,